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Premium Print Quality & Low Prices

AlphaCard's pre-printing program guarantees the highest-quality cards without any hassles. Use your own design, or work with our professionalsto create a custom design for your organization. Learn more about our Custom Card Design Service.

Need individualized cards? You can easily add text or photos to pre-printed cards with your own ID printer.

Flexible Options

  • Cards or Keytags
  • Full Color or Monochrome
  • Single or Dual-Sided
  • Magnetic Stripes
  • Barcodes
  • Serial Numbers

Most Popular Types of Pre-Printed Cards:

  • Employee ID Cards Employee ID Cards
  • Membership Cards Membership Cards
  • Loyalty Cards Loyalty Cards
  • Event Cards Event Cards
  • Gift Cards Gift Cards
  • Keytags Keytags
  • Business Cards Business Cards

Are Pre-Printed Cards
Right for my Organization?

Reasons to Choose Pre-Printed Cards:

  • Premium Print Quality: Custom pre-printed cards are professionally printed on industrial printing presses — the result is a premium quality that outshines standard ID card printers.
  • Lower Cost for Large Print Jobs: Pre-printed cards can offer a substantial cost savings on large jobs. The minimum order size is 250 cards, but jobs over 500 cards see the most savings.
  • Save Time & Hassle: Instead of spending days printing your own cards, we'll do all the hard work for you and promptly deliver the completed cards.
  • Static Card Design: Each order of pre-printed cards must be identical without personalized information or card holder photos (barcodes and/or serial number are an exception to this rule and can be unique for each card).
  • Personalize Later with an ID Card Printer: If your company has an ID card printer, you can easily print on pre-printed cards to add information or photos on demand. Learn more about personalizing pre-printed cards.

Reasons to Print Cards with Your Own ID Printer:

  • Personalized Cards: Add unique information, photos, or designs to each card using your own printing system. Unlike pre-printed cards that must all be identical, with your card own printer there are no limits on the variations you can create.
  • No Card Minimum: While pre-printed orders have a minimum of 250 cards, you can print a small batch or even a single card with your own system.
  • Print On Demand: Print your own cards instantly without any wait time.
  • Lower Cost for Small Jobs: If you need less than 500 cards at a time, owning your own card printer will save you money.

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