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The second generation of HID iCLASS technology, iCLASS SE cards utilize SIO programming to protect your data while giving your card program the flexibility you need.

Don't see the features or options you need listed here? Contact AlphaCard sales for help ordering your custom iCLASS SE cards.

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MSRP: $4.95
Price: $3.65 each

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Note: These custom cards are not returnable.

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An upgrade over basic iCLASS cards, HID iCLASS SE smart cards give you more flexibility and security to create a card program that truly works for your organization. With mutual authentication and Security Identity Object (SIO) programming, your data is secured so you can use them for more sensitive programs including cashless payments.

Please note that iCLASS SE cards are designed for use with iCLASS SE readers and are not backward compatible with iCLASS readers.

How are iCLASS SE cards used? With so many options for memory size and SIO programming, you have many options. The most common uses include cashless payment system for parking garages, vending machines, cafeterias, or printing.

Important Information to Know When Ordering iCLASS SE Cards

Keep these things in mind when ordering HID iCLASS SE cards:

  • Minimum order quantity: 100 cards
  • Lead time for orders: 2-3 weeks
  • Any customization you do to the cards may impact order processing time
  • These cards are custom items & not eligible for returns

If you have a Corporate 1000, HID Elite ICE/MOB, or other registered card program, please contact AlphaCard sales for help placing your order.

PVC vs. Composite

When you order iCLASS SE cards, you can choose between PVC and composite cards. Both styles of cards are designed to withstand daily wear and tear.

PVC is the standard material for ID cards, and they can be used in almost any application. Composite cards are made from a combination of PVC and polyester, making the cards more durable so they can withstand higher heat; if you need to laminate your cards or print on them with a reverse transfer printer, we recommend you choose composite.

Slot Punching Cards

Displaying your ID cards with accessories including lanyards or badge reels improves building security and keeps them easily at hand for frequent use during the day. To use the cards with a lanyard or reel, you will need to slot punch the cards.

Please note that if you plan to print on the cards in-house with your ID card printer, you should not order pre-punched cards. The rough edges of the slot punches can tear the ribbon and damage your printhead.

If you choose to punch the cards yourself, order your cards with vertical or horizontal slot punch guides – it is incredibly important that you slot punch your cards in the correct spot. Slot punching cards in other spots can damage the internal parts and break your cards.

Printing on Your Cards

If you want to print on your HID iCLASS SE smart card, it is recommended that you only use reverse transfer ID card printers. Technology cards like iCLASS smart cards can have uneven surfaces because of their embedded chips or antennas and using a reverse transfer printer will help prevent damage to the printhead.

If you do not want to print your cards in-house, contact us today to discuss your options for ordering pre-printed cards from the manufacturer. Pre-printed cards have an additional lead time, minimum order quantity, and additional fees.

HID iCLASS SE Card Warranty

These HID iCLASS SE smart cards comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. iCLASS SE cards are not eligible for returns – please contact AlphaCard sales with any questions.

Technical Specs
Product Type Proximity Cards
Brand HID
Material Premium PVC or Composite
Compatible With HID
Card Size CR-80
Range No
Dimensions No
MSRP $4.95

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