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AlphaGuard® Watermark Technology

AlphaGuard® is an exclusive technology that adds a hologram-like watermark over a printed card without requiring lamination, specialty cards, or any additional supplies. This extra layer of visual security helps prevent unauthorized ID card duplication. AlphaGuard technology comes built into all AlphaCard PRO series ID card printers at no additional cost.

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How it Works

Traditional ID card holograms require special laminating modules that apply holographic film to a card after it has been printed. Although this process provides the highest level of durability and security, it also adds a significant cost-up to $5,000 per printer.

AlphaGuard works by using the overcoat panel in a standard full color ribbon to "burn" a hologram-like watermark over the card design. The AlphaGuard design can be seen when light is reflected off the card, and won't interfere with your printed card design. Since AlphaGuard technology works with standard cards and ribbons, it adds no additional costs.

Secure Designs for PRO Printers

AlphaCard PRO 100 & PRO 550 printers include four standard AlphaGuard designs. Three are displayed in a 4x6 grid pattern and one design that covers the entire face of the card. It’s easy to switch between designs, to turn off sections of the grid, or turn off the AlphaGuard feature all together using the printer driver.

AlphaCard PRO 750 printers include ten standard AlphaGuard designs. Six designs are in a 4x6 grid pattern, and four designs that covers the entire face of the card.

4x6 Pattern Full-face Pattern

*Disclaimer: Watermark designs on cards are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual watermark designs may vary depending on printer model.

Custom AlphaGuard Designs

For the ultimate level of security and professionalism, enhance your cards with a Custom AlphaGuard design using your own logo or artwork. This helps ensure that your cards cannot be replicated, since each Custom AlphaGuard design requires a physical card key. The custom keys are programmed at our secure facility and are only accessible to the authorized organization.

Custom AlphaGuard® Grid Design: $598 FREE
One free Custom AlphaGuard grid design key is included with each PRO 550 and 750 printer. Free key must be redeemed within 30 days of purchase at

Custom AlphaGuard® Full-Sized Design: $648
Full-sized Custom AlphaGuard designs can cover the entire face of the card or any portion thereof. They are ideal for seals or other detailed security images.

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