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USB Cable for ID Card Printers

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MSRP: $9
Price: $9
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For all CardJet Printers
Technical Specs
Product Type Printer Parts/Accessories
MPN U022-006
Brand Standard
MSRP $9.00
Case for Printer N/A
Lamination Module Type N/A
Tactile Impression Location N/A
Tactile Impression Die N/A
Printer Part Cable
Printer Compatibility Datacard SP25, Datacard SP35, Datacard SP55, Datacard SP75, Dymo LabelWriter, Evolis Avansia, Evolis Badgy, Evolis Dualys 3, Evolis Pebble, Evolis Pebble 3, Evolis Pebble 4, Evolis Primacy, Evolis Primacy Dual Sided, Evolis Quantum, Evolis Quantum 2, Evolis Securion, Evolis Tattoo, Evolis Tattoo 2, Evolis Tattoo 2 RW, Evolis Zenius, Fargo C10, Fargo C30, Fargo C50, Fargo CardJet, Fargo DTC1000, Fargo DTC1000Me, Fargo DTC1250e Dual-Sided, Fargo DTC1250e Single-Sided, Fargo DTC300, Fargo DTC400, Fargo DTC4000, Fargo DTC400e, Fargo DTC4250e Dual-Sided, Fargo DTC4250e Single-Sided, Fargo DTC4500, Fargo DTC4500e Dual-Sided, Fargo DTC4500e Dual-Sided Laminating, Fargo DTC4500e Single-Sided, Fargo DTC500, Fargo DTC510, Fargo DTC515, Fargo DTC520, Fargo DTC525, Fargo DTC550, Fargo HDP Series, Fargo HDP5000, Fargo HDP600, Fargo HDP600 CR100, Fargo HDP820, Fargo Persona C30, Fargo Persona C30e, Fargo Persona M30e, Fargo Pro, Fargo Pro-L, Fargo Pro-LX, Fargo/Persona C30e, Magicard Alto, Magicard Avalon, Magicard Avalon Duo, Magicard Enduro, Magicard Enduro Duo, Magicard Enduro+, Magicard Enduro+ Duo
Item Count Individual
Features No
Type No
AlphaCare The AlphaCare Guarantee: One hour of free printer or software training included with purchase.

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